Don't act like you wouldn't switch teams for Nigella.
Don't act like you wouldn't switch teams for Nigella.

Houston's Hottest Chefs: Now Taking Nominations

Eating Our Words is looking to cool off this summer by drenching ourselves with nice, tall drinks of water...of the human variety. To that end, we're currently on the hunt for Houston's ten hottest chefs.

Know any cooks who are just as good at creating a feast as they are to feast your eyes on? Leave your nominations for both male and female chefs in the comments section below.

Nominations will be open until midnight on May 21. Afterwards, we'll seek out the chefs you've chosen as your hometown hotties, get their pictures and post them for all to see. Then it's your job to vote on who deserves the title of Houston's Hottest Chef, which we'll run down -- starting with No. 10 -- along with interviews until we reach the top of the hotness heap.

(And remember, this is good, clean, silly fun, so any nasty or offensive comments/nominations will be deleted. And if you can't enjoy a little good, clean, silly fun, allow us to direct you here for all your dry, straightforward food needs.)

So let us have it, folks!

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