Houston's Hottest Chefs: Ricky Craig

Every day this week we'll be highlighting the male winners from our poll on Houston's Hottest Chefs. On Friday we'll reveal the hottest chef of all.

Ricky Craig makes some of the best burgers in town over at Hubcap Grill. When we did a Q&A with him about his Hot Chef nomination, we couldn't resist getting cheeky.

Eating Our Words: How does it feel to know Houston foodies think you and your buns are hot?

Ricky Craig: I do have some smokin' hot buns, I admit it. I'm actually flattered and a bit shy about it and think it's cool. Also, burn marks are my tattoos.

EOW: How often do you beat your meat? Or have someone do it for you? Referring of course to the hamburger patties...

RC: I have a lot of women do that for me every morning. It's great!

EOW: If you were a burger, which one would you be and why?

RC: If I could be any burger on my menu, it would be the Philly Cheesesteak Burger, because it's hot and juicy and full of goodies like me. Bam!

EOW: Your response to the Ed Hardy "incident"? (the picture we have for your Hottest chef nomination and all the shit you've taken for it)

RC: Geez. No, I don't wear Ed Hardy. That picture was from two years ago. People who go on HP and write rude, disrespectful comments are just showing their immaturity and need to grow up. They must have insecurities themselves.

EOW: We feel ya, there, Ricky. Have you ever been propositioned by a customer for more than just a burger?

RC: One time a lady placed a to-go order for one of my Philly Cheesesteak burgers. She called back a couple of hours later to ask if my meat was as juicy as the burger...

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