Houston's Most Overrated Restaurants

With Cafe Annie ending its nearly 30 year reign this month, Houstonians will have one less default restaurant to turn to when someone asks for a recommendation for a "nice meal" ("nice meal" being keywords for "I want to go somewhere fancy and try to impress one or more people, regardless of cost"). But is that a bad thing?

Not at all. In fact, most people would argue that Cafe Annie had become stodgy, boring and ultimately overrated within at least the past five years. Robert Del Grande and Lonnie Schiller invented an entirely new cuisine in the 1980s with Cafe Annie's food; the Southwestern cuisine to which we have all become so accustomed -- and which, in turn, has become as cliched as steak Diane and lobster thermidor -- didn't exist before these two renegades. But Del Grande and Schiller are doing themselves and the local dining scene a huge favor by recognizing that the cuisine they created has become stale, and by attempting to step up their game with the revamped, 21st century version of Cafe Annie: RDG + Bar Annie.

So in honor of one of the closure of one of Houston's most prominently overrated restaurants, we're asking you this question: What do you think are Houston's most overrated restaurants? Leave your choices in the comments section below. We'll take your responses, tally them, and compile a list of the ten most overrated restaurants on Thursday of this week.

And get your thinking cap on for next week, too, when we'll be asking you what Houston's most underrated restaurants are.

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Katharine Shilcutt