Houston's Most Underrated Restaurants: The Saga Continues

On Monday of this week, we asked a simple question that sparked a firestorm of controversy: What is Houston's most overrated restaurant? Nearly 140 comments later, we published a list of the Ten Most Overrated Restaurants -- according to a tally of your comments -- that incited a flamewar here on the blog, on the slideshow itself and on Twitter.

Amidst all the vitriol and accusations, however, people seemed to forget that our query was the first part of a two-part question, the second part being this: What is Houston's most underrated restaurant? Both questions were intended for one purpose: to spark discussion in the food community. And, sadly, this doesn't seem to have been the focus after all.

To that end, as promised, we are requesting your thoughts on Houston's most underrated restaurant -- the place that you're continually stunned to find that no one else has heard of, the place that deserves more praise or attention than it receives, the place that makes food so good as to make your grandmother weep bitter tears of frustration.

As with the overrated restaurants, we will tally your responses (and use two proofreaders this time instead of one) and create a list of the Top Ten Underrated Restaurants, to be put up on Tuesday morning. A truly fascinating thing to see is whether or not any of the overrated restaurants will make it onto the underrated list as well. Only time will tell...

So let's hear it folks. What is Houston's most underrated restaurant? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Katharine Shilcutt