Houston's Top 10 Ice Creams for National Ice Cream Month

Fittingly, July is National Ice Cream Month. Finally! A national food holiday/month that makes at least a modicum of sense.

And because it's National Ice Cream Month, this week's list will round up ice cream only. Although there are plenty of great gelato, shaved ice, snoballs, snow cones, frozen yogurts and raspas in town, those are all posts for another day.

10. Marble Slab Creamery

Long before there were such things as artisan ice cream or small-batch, locavore creations, there was Marble Slab (and/or Baskin-Robbins, depending on your childhood preference). I'm still a fan of Marble Slab for two reasons: It allows you to mix crushed candy bars, fruit, nuts -- you name it -- into your ice cream. And it lets you take any ice cream, any "fixing" and blend them into either a shake or a malt. I'm telling you, you ain't lived till you've had a peanut butter ice cream and banana malt from Marble Slab.

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Katharine Shilcutt