How Not To Rob A Coffee Shop (Step One: Don't Take Note Of Nearby Cops)

Antidote Coffee, on Studewood near the Heights, was robbed yesterday. But if you're gonna get robbed, it's best to have it done by four inept teens who don't realize there are some cops nearby.

Antidote's Scott Repass tells us things happened quickly:

Four kids came in around eleven, wearing bandanas, I think. They pulled out a gun or guns. Garrett was not behind the counter at that moment. When he saw the guns, he stayed out. They grabbed the cash register and the tip jar and ran.

Mark Roach (customer/friend) ran out to the street when he saw the gun. The kids ran past him, pulled the gun on him and told him not to look at them. When they had run past, he flagged down a canine unit that was across the street (I don't know if it was stopped or passing by). The kids had parked their getaway car a block away and the cops caught them before they could drive off.

No one was hurt. The cops told Antidote workers the guns were fake. Repass says there were "tons of witnesses," not that many are going to be needed to for this caught-red-handed case.

Let it be noted that the cops WERE NOT in the coffee shop, eating doughnuts. Although they could have been:

"The cops were great," Repass says. "It was a lot of the same cops who hung around after Hurricane Ike. They'd come in while we were closing, have coffee and chat."

It's believed the robbers had hit a nearby bakery and pizza place before trying the cop-surrounded coffee shop.

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Richard Connelly
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