How to Use Up Leftover Easter Candy

The Easter bunny has come and gone, taking with him our excuse for consuming candy like a five-year-old and generally overindulging. If, despite your best efforts, you are still left with a huge basket full of candy, here are some unique ways to use up your stash before the Halloween candy hits the shelves.

1. Peeps S'mores Though slightly gruesome, at least this idea comes with a cute story and a delicious recipe for homemade graham crackers.

2. Easter Basket Cookies Literally throw all of your chopped-up leftover candies - jellybeans, chocolate, Peeps - into sugar cookie dough. These look interesting, to say the least, but what better way to make sugar more appetizing than surrounding it by even more sugar?

3. Multicolored Rice Krispie Treats Enjoy these classic marshmallow-y confections with the added flair of color by melting down Peeps of all shades.

4. Fondue Separate out all the chocolate candies and melt down with cream. Chop up fruit, graham crackers or cookies for a good old-fashioned fondue party. Don't worry if some have cream or peanut butter fillings, it all just adds to the deliciousness.

5. Get drunk With jellybean infused vodka and a peep garnish, after a few of these you may never look at these childhood candies the same way again. If the infusing is getting in the way of your drinking, try this jellybean martini recipe for instant gratification.

6. Play games Get rid of excess Peep-age and complete idea #5 in the process by playing Peepface, because face it, it's not like you have anything better to do this weekend. If that doesn't get your Friday night going, try making a Peep monster. All you need is a 100,000 watt microwave! Or try these strange and very un-sexy methods for introducing Easter candy into the bedroom.

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Kristen Majewski
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