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Hunting Down Heinz Varieties at H-E-B

For a glimpse of the impressive assortment of Heinz products available at the West Alabama H-E-B, see our slideshow.

In his "totally biased supermarket ranking," Sam Brown listed the H-E-B on West Alabama as No. 1. I heartily agree, but admit I, too, am heavily biased because it's a stone's throw away from my house. In addition to its proximity, the "new" H-E-B also stole my heart with its terrifyingly diverse selection of products (have you been to the barbecue sauce section?).

I'm specifically impressed with the colorful assortment of Heinz varieties, and during a recent trip, decided to count how many were on offer at the West Alabama H-E-B. (Never underestimate what I'll do to procrastinate on the dissertation.) In case you didn't know, that magical 57 advertised by the company is a murky measure of its inventory. Founder Henry J. Heinz supposedly chose that particular figure because 5 and 7 were his and his wife's lucky numbers, respectively. When the slogan was implemented, Heinz was already selling more than 57 varieties, and today, the number is considered merely indicative of the company's commitment to offering a wide range of products.

H-E-B certainly doesn't carry all the Heinz varieties, but they do carry A Whole Lot. I counted approximately 29 varieties (see following list). For the record, I did not count products from Heinz's family of companies/brands (e.g., Classico, Ore-Ida), only those products labeled "Heinz."

  1. Dill Relish
  2. India Relish
  3. Sweet Relish
  4. Regular Ketchup
  5. Reduced Sugar Ketchup
  6. Low Sodium Ketchup
  7. Hot & Spicy Ketchup
  8. Organic Ketchup
  9. "Simply Heinz" Tomato Ketchup
  10. Original Cocktail Sauce
  11. Zesty Cocktail Sauce
  12. Dip & Squeeze Ketchup Singles
  13. 57 Sauce
  14. 57 Steak Sauce
  15. 57 Steak Sauce with Honey
  16. Worcestershire Sauce
  17. Premium Horseradish Sauce
  18. Chili Sauce
  19. Spotted Dick
  20. Treacle
  21. Salad Cream
  22. Beans with Tomato Sauce
  23. Vegetable Soup
  24. Cream of Tomato Soup
  25. Spaghetti
  26. White Vinegar
  27. Apple Cider Vinegar
  28. Tarragon Vinegar
  29. Tartar Sauce

You can see I found many of the usual suspects (ketchup, relish, vinegar), plus a few surprises (canned spaghetti). I also delighted to learn that Heinz markets its salad cream (more popular with the Brits) as "pourable sunshine."

My conclusion to this sophisticated research project: "Heinz is much more than ketchup and H-E-B is mostly Heinz."

P.S.: Readers, if I missed any at the West Alabama H-E-B, speak up!

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Joanna O'Leary