Hunting for a Chocolate Bunny

I ended up in charge of putting together fancy Easter baskets for esteemed relatives who are coming in from out of town. My usual collection of hollow milk chocolate rodents and marshmallow chicks from Walgreen's wouldn't do this time. So I drove around town looking for some quality chocolate bunnies and Easter basket goodies. Nundino's had a sign out front advertising Italian Easter treats, but all they had were giant chocolate eggs that cost $12 each. The hollow eggs have a surprise inside. I asked the woman behind the counter what the surprise was. She said, if she told me, it wouldn't be a surprise.

I finally hit the jackpot at Leibman's on Memorial. They had a sign advertising Easter candies too--and I could barely believe the collection of stuff inside. Easter bunnies from Godiva, Lindt, and other fine chocolatiers, Easter bunny truffles in a massive display of chocolate truffles and other assorted bunnies of all shapes and sizes.

Leibman's on Memorial near Dairy-Ashford is advertising Easter goodies--and they really mean it.

We are talking Easter bunnies for days.

And days and days...plus chocolate eggs, chocolate-covered orange peel, chocolate gift box assortments, chocolate nut bark and everything else you could possibly put in an Easter basket.

What do chocolate rabbits eat? Jelly bean carrots, of course.

-Robb Walsh

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