Hurricane Judy at Katz's Deli & Bar

I think I found the most overpriced, underwhelming drink in town. Enticed by the "2 for $10" deals offered in celebration of Katz's tenth anniversary, I went there for a discounted sandwich and some onion rings.

I had never taken advantage of the "bar" aspect of Katz's, but as it was its anniversary as well as the end of a productive weekend for me, I decide to join in the festive spirit and order a "Hurricane Judy" ($9). Advertised as containing rum, amaretto, "fresh fruit juices" and a "Bacardi 151 Floater," the Hurricane Judy seemed like a slightly more alcoholic version of the standard hurricane. It perhaps wasn't the perfect pairing for a turkey reuben, but I figured the fruit juices would at least be refreshing in the face of huge chunks of sauerkraut.

At first glance the Hurricane Judy seemed suspect: far too clear on top, with the juices oddly localized at the bottom of the (sundae?) glass. I squeezed in some lemon, swirled the contents with my straw, and took a sip. I detected a lil' bit of booze and a whole lotta diluted fruit punch. I swirled the glass again, hoping to even out the proportions and took another sip. Still meh.

And here is my consumer FAIL.

I kept swirling and sipping, hoping it would taste better, and then our food arrived. I kept trying to flag down the waiter to say something about what tasted like watered down Kool-Aid mixed with trace amounts of bottom-shelf alcohol, while not wanting to make a big deal about it in front of my dinner companions. When I finally did have his ear, my glass was half empty and I felt like a schmuck saying something.

Lesson learned: if the first taste isn't right, the second probably won't be either, so stop tasting and send it back. And, as a general rule, don't spend $9 on mixed drinks at an establishment that has the word "deli" in its title.

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