In Honor of National Tequila Day, Here Are 5 of Houston's Best Tequila Cocktails (Plus Where to Get Drink Specials)

It's National Tequila Day! In honor of what is likely the greatest national food holiday to ever exist, we've rounded up five of the most amazing tequila concoctions around.

From a drink garnished with a chicken wing to a "cocktail" that's meant to be savored, check out our list of the best:

5. Pistolero's Strawberry Limonada Because proper lemonade is made with tequila

Although there's no shortage of great cocktails at Montrose's newest taco and tequila joint, we like their sweet and fresh strawberry, agave and silver tequila-infused lemonade. Mostly because we didn't get enough love as children.

4. The Hugorita A classic margarita done right

Hugo's doesn't mess around when it comes to the classics. With Sauza Silver, Hiram Walker Triple Sec, simple syrup and freshly squeezed lime, this tableside-mixed concoction takes the humble margarita to a new level. We're willing to bet you'll be ordering that second round.

3. TQLA's Añejo Old Fashioned Not your old-fashioned Old Fashioned

Deep amber añejo, or tequila aged in oak barrels for at least one year, brings a smooth, almost-buttery sweetness to your typical Old Fashioned. Enjoy a glass with some not so old-fashioned duck confit tamales.

2. El Gran Malo's Bloody Reyna Mary's way-hotter cousin Take a classic Bloody Mary and swap out the vodka for tequila. Then, swap out the regular tequila for beef-jerky-infused tequila. Finally, garnish it with a chicken wing and a goat-cheese-stuffed and bacon-wrapped jalapeño. You are now left with the coolest brunch cocktail on the planet: the Bloody Reyna. Slow clap.

1. A Tequila Flight Flights count as cocktails, right?

Tequila flights are probably the best way to celebrate National Tequila Day. And because it's the coolest day ever, some of our favorite local spots are offering specials on flights and shots. Check out places like TQLA, Pistolero's or even Spec's superstore, where you can sample tequilas from 2 to 8 p.m.

Oh, happy day!

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