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Incoming: Kaitlin Steinberg, A New Food Critic For the Houston Press

Starting on July 8, Kaitlin Steinberg will become the new fulltime food critic at the Houston Press.

Steinberg, who lives in Corpus Christi and graduated from Trinity University before going on to master's work at the University of Missouri in Colombia Columbia, has most recently been a food writer for our sister paper the Riverfront Times in St. Louis, Mo.

"Kaitlin stood out from other applicants because of her extensive online food reporting as well as her graduate-level training in long-form narrative," said Editor-in-Chief Margaret Downing.

"In addition, she has two important aspects to her background: she's grown up on the Gulf Coast of Texas and she has an aunt who's a professional chef from whom she's picked up more than a few skills and some understanding of what it takes to put a good meal together in a restaurant setting."

"We believe she will be a wonderful addition to the fine legacy (Robb Walsh and Katharine Shilcutt) in recent years of food writers at the Houston Press," Downing said.

For a preview of Steinberg's reviewing skills, check out the freelance review she did for us on the Brooklyn Athletic Club in the June 20 edition of our publication.

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