Ingredient of the Week: Duck Breast

Last week, I discussed my latest addiction to Revival Market's duck. This week, I bring you the duck dish itself.

What is it?

Part of the poultry family, duck is fattier and and thus more succulent than its cousin, the chicken. Some say they dislike the gamey taste of duck, but when cooked well, it is some of the most flavorful meat you'll ever have; because it's essentially all dark meat, even the breast is juicy.

Just like chicken breast, duck breast is the cut of meat surrounding the bird's breastbone. It is often deboned before cooking.

How do I use it?

Fresh, high quality meat should always be prepared with simplicity in mind: just season with salt and pepper, apply the fire, and then let it bask in its own juices before serving. Timing and temperature are everything.

Where can I find it?

I got my breasts from Revival Market on Heights Boulevard and White Oak for approximately $13 per pound.

Recipe: How to Pan-Fry Duck Breast Follow these directions from Sally Schneider's cookbook, The Improvisational Cook, which was also featured in The Washington Post. Don't forget to salt and pepper your duck breast before adding it to the pan. Serve with some vegetables and a drizzle of compote, or be a no-frills gal like me and just eat it all by itself.

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