Ingredient of the Week: Dumpling Squash

What is it? When I first spotted one, I thought it was just another gourd. Sitting there among the decorative, hollow beauties in the supermarket the week of Thanksgiving, these small, pumpkin-esque squashes looked no more edible than their cousins. But aside from making a homey centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner, the dumpling squash is very tasty.

The winter squash's flesh is orange and full of sweetness, similar to that of butternut and acorn squash, but the outside is light yellow-beige with green or orange stripes and splotches. It's slightly smaller than an acorn squash, and one half makes a convenient individual serving.

How is it used? In a way similar to other winter squashes. It's usually split in half and steamed or roasted with the seeds removed.

The skin is edible, and the flesh is soft and sweet, so it can be mashed with butter and brown sugar, or the entire half of the squash can be filled with a stuffing and baked for a complete meal.

Where can I find it in Houston? This one was found at Foodarama. Where have you found these beautiful, delicate-looking squash this season?

Recipe: Sweet Dumpling Squash Stuffed with Lemon Herbed Rice - Courtesy of Fatfree Vegan Kitchen

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