Ingredient of the Week: Turkey Giblets

What is it? All the fun stuff inside the cavity of that turkey you or someone you know is cooking this week. It contains the heart, liver, gizzards and neck of the bird.

Don't be afraid to reach down in there and scoop them out for use in several different items in your Thanksgiving spread. While they're slippery and a bit squishy, they can add a lot of flavor to the meal.

What is it used for? In my family, the giblets are used partially in the cornbread dressing - the liver is sautéed with onions, celery, garlic and parsley in butter and added to the dressing for an extra layer of richness. It's chopped up so small that no one realizes there's offal in the dressing, aside from the few of us who have made the recipe for the celebration each year.

The remaining neck, gizzards and heart are used to make a rich turkey stock that will be the star in the giblet gravy, and the cooked meat from each is chopped up and added to the gravy as well.

Where can you buy it in Houston? Anywhere you buy a turkey. They're also sold separately. Look in the meat department of your grocery store, or ask the butcher for extras.

Recipe Giblet gravy, Southern style: Courtesy of About.com

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