Pot Luck

Is This Cheating? Instant Tomatoes

These giant tomato plants on the front porch of Wabash Feed Store on Washington near T.C. Jester are already climbing out of their cages. Odds are these monsters will set fruit in the backseat of your car on the way home, and all you'll have to do is pull off the tomatoes and start slicing.

Why did I bother planting little baby tomato seedlings in the cold February weather? My tomatoes are just sitting there. They haven't grown an inch. Why didn't I just buy a couple of these full-grown hot house tomato plants and stick them in the ground at the last minute? It would sure beat worrying over the damn seedlings.

But sadly, I'm too cheap to cheat. My baby tomato seedlings were $3 a plant, and these things are $20 each. Still, think of all the tomatoes you'd get if you started with full-grown plants. I wonder if it's worth it?

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Robb Walsh
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