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It Had to Happen: Our 10 Most Popular Top 10 Lists of 2012


The joke on Twitter last week was that it would only be a matter of time before someone started making top 10 lists of top 10 lists. Far from being purposefully meta, though, we like to think that our top 10 lists here at the Press are thoughtful, well-curated and useful guides to some of the city's favorite neighborhoods and cuisines. Y'all apparently think so too, as you read them in record numbers each time they're published.

So don't think of this as us finally jumping the shark (or do, but remember that I'm terrible at waterskiing), but us wrapping up 2012 in your favorite top 10 lists.

10. Top 10 Restaurants in Montrose

You've come a long way, baby. What was once the neighborhood I sneaked over to in high school to shop at vintage clothing stores and gawk at colorful life outside the suburbs is now ground zero for Houston's best restaurants.

9. Houston's Top 10 Romantic Restaurants

You big softies, you. Coincidentally, this also makes a great list of places to take your special ladyfriend/manpanion on New Year's Eve. Now kiss.

8. Houston's Top 10 Pizza Places

Is great pizza in Houston finally on the rise? You bet your doughy ass.

7. Houston's Top 10 Barbecue Joints

Houston is not known for terrific barbecue. This somehow does not prevent us from agonizing over and arguing endlessly about the handful of good barbecue restaurants in the city.

6. The Top 10 Restaurants in the Galleria Area

Getting a lot of Christmas shopping or holiday entertaining done? This list may come in very handy right about now...

5. Houston's Top 10 Sushi Spots

A list that no one ever agrees with because Houstonians are currently spoiled for choice when it comes to sushi restaurants. Not that we're complaining.

4. Houston's Top 10 Burgers

Not to be confused with Houston's top 10 pub burgers. But they're all good, honestly. They're burgers, for Pete's sake.

2. The 10 Best New Restaurants of 2011

What will be on this year's list? Tune in next week to find out...

2. The Top 10 Restaurants in the Heights

Does it surprise anyone here that people in the Heights enjoy reading about stuff in the Heights, eating at places in the Heights or showing everyone lists of things in the Heights? THE HEIGHTS.

1. Houston's Top 10 Crawfish Joints

It won't be long before crawfish mania descends upon Houston once again and a new list will be required for 2013. But for now, these are still our favorite places in town to suck heads.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.