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It's a Twofer: National Banana Split Day and National S'mores Day

Today we can all celebrate two of the most delicious classic desserts ever made: banana splits and S'mores.

Rather than making separate desserts, I decided to combine the two together. Ree Drummond, also known as Pioneer Woman, made banana boats during a campfire cooking episode of her Food Network show, The Pioneer Woman -- they're assembled like banana splits, but cooked like S'mores.

When there are two holidays to celebrate, why not make it easier on yourself and combine them into one sweet and fun dessert?

All you need in order to make these banana split S'mores are bananas, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, graham crackers and aluminum foil.

Start by making a small incision down the length of a banana. The bananas shouldn't be too ripe; you want them to hold their shape when you stuff them with all the wonderful S'more goodies. Be careful not to cut all the way through the banana, as well.

Next, sprinkle a small amount of crushed graham crackers into the banana. I decided to start with the graham crackers in order to have it resemble the structure of a S'more.

Add as many chocolate chips as you want, followed by the miniature marshmallows. I used dark chocolate chips because I wanted to balance the sweetness from the banana, marshmallows and graham crackers with the bitterness from the dark chocolate. Top off the banana boat with more crushed graham crackers just like the topping of a S'more, and you're ready to start cooking!

Wrap the banana S'mores in aluminum foil and place in an outdoor grill, or by a campfire. I cooked the banana boats in an outdoor grill for about 15 minutes and added more miniature marshmallows during the last five minutes -- the tops of the banana boats were golden and toasted.

Just like you cook S'mores to your liking, cook the banana boats to your liking. I love a crispy, toasted (some would say burnt) S'more, so I left my banana S'more on the grill for a little longer. Dive into your banana boat with a spoon and enjoy this double food holiday.

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