It's National Candy Corn Day: Make Candy Corn Fudge

Since today is Halloween Eve, it's fitting that we nationally celebrate the candy of the month, candy corn. I'm a big fan of candy corn. If there is a bowl of it in front of me, I'm definitely going to be eating it by the handful...yeah, I know...it's a problem.

When I found out that today was National Candy Corn Day, I wanted to find a fun recipe that would honor this tooth-rotting holiday, and I came across this wonderful dessert idea: candy corn fudge.

The only catch is that this fudge doesn't use candy corn in it...at all. It's simply a representation of candy corn with a few ingredients. Here's how you make this super-simple and super-tasty candy corn fudge.

First, prepare the pan to hold the fudge by placing aluminum foil in a baking pan to allow you to easily pull out the fudge once it hardens.

Now, divide two cans of white frosting into three separate bowls. Using food coloring, dye one bowl yellow and one bowl orange. Leave the third as it is.

Next, divide two bags of white chocolate chips just as you did with the white frosting. Melt the first bowl of white chocolate chips in the microwave.

Once you melt the first bowl, pour the white chocolate into the yellow frosting bowl and stir together until completely incorporated. Pour this mixture into the prepared pan and flatten the yellow fudge with a spatula. The white chocolate will help the fudge to evenly spread across the pan because it is thinner than the frosting.

Repeat the same steps for the orange frosting, and finally the white frosting until you have three layers of yellow, orange and white. Place the pan in the refrigerator between layers to let each layer slightly firm up, allowing you to easily spread the remainder of the fudge layers.

Stick the pan back in the refrigerator for about an hour to completely harden. Slice into the fudge once it is firm and reveal the beautiful layers of yellow, orange and white. You can slice into candy corn shapes or simply cut the fudge into squares. Serve pieces of fudge to trick-or-treaters and they will love you forever. Happy National Candy Corn Day!

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