It's National Pecan Day! Check Out These Five Takes on the Classic Pecan Pie
Photo by chadmiller

It's National Pecan Day! Check Out These Five Takes on the Classic Pecan Pie

In honor of National Pecan Day, we've compiled a list of top-notch recipes for the most well-known pecan dessert around: The Pecan Pie.

From the tried-and-true classic to a boozed-out pie you can drink, check out these Top 5 Pecan Pie Recipes:

5. The Old-Fashioned One

Classics are classic for a reason. Because they're damn good. If you're a straight-up, no-fuss pecan pie lover, you'll love this gooey, ultra-sweet version of the classic made with light brown sugar, corn syrup and toasted pecans.

Or there's this one. Did we mention it's made with whiskey? That's classic, right?

Why should pecans have all the fun...
Why should pecans have all the fun...
Photo by dinnerseries

4. The Chocolatey One

Know how to make a pecan pie even better? Add chocolate! It seems so obvious now.

Sometimes a classic pecan pie can be too sweet; A note of slightly bitter dark chocolate works wonders to balance the pie out. Plus, we mean, it's chocolate. That can't not be good.

Try this bittersweet chocolate pecan pie made with a bit of espresso to further enhance the flavor of the cocoa. Or this one with a hint of further enhance the bourbon.

3. The One That's A Muffin

Pie for breakfast? Sign us up. While eating a slice of pie in the morning may garner a few dirty looks from your coworkers, these sweet and nutty Pecan Pie Mini Muffins will make you the hit of the office.

Since they're miniature, you can pop a few without feeling too guilty. Plus you can dunk them right into your coffee. Winning!

It's National Pecan Day! Check Out These Five Takes on the Classic Pecan Pie
Photo by megan.chromik

2. The One With The Identity Crisis

Is it pie? Is it a cookie? We can't tell. But these Caramel Pecan Pie Bars are so good, we don't care! Perfect for a crowd, the buttery, crumbly cookie dough squares are topped with a creamy caramel sauce and chopped pecans.

1. The One You Can Drink

Why not drink your pie? This Pecan Pie Martini made with vodka, brown sugar, dark corn syrup and toasted pecans will give you all the flavor of a classic pecan pie in a fraction of the time.

The buzz is just a bonus.

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