It's Not You, It's Me: Top 5 Break-Up Foods

So things didn't work-out.

Now that stupid list we did a few months ago about dining a deux just annoys you. We here at Eating Our Words feel your pain and have created this list of food designed to make you feel a little better while you make it through a rough patch.

Yes, the food is highly caloric and nutritionally empty. So what? We're not suggesting you eat this for the rest of your life, but have a little fun, then get back to the gym, eat your veggies and show that ex that you were, are, and always will be way hotter. We're just saying.

5. Ice Cream

This is a given. Nothing says "I'm the guest of honor at my own pity party" like sitting in bed wearing ugly pajama pants, a box of tissues and an ice cream carton with spoon inserted next to you and Say Anything playing on your television. You know you want to.

4. Popcorn

We throw this one in because, occasionally, you might want something slightly healthier, but not actually good for you, to ingest by the bucketful. Plus it goes well with the sad scene described above.

3. Pizza

Even though I'm one of those total freaks who bakes up a storm when I'm feeling unhappy (freshly made banana bread, anyone?), there is no way you feel like making an actual meal for yourself. Keep in mind the ease of ordering pizza might be undermined by having to eat the whole thing yourself, lest you remember the days when there were no leftovers. Sigh.

2. Pasta

Carbohydrates really are our friends. They pick us up when we're down and leave us happy and satisfied Sure, they stab us in the back later, but they are great for when you do feel like cooking because you can cook exactly as much as you want, put it all in one bowl and not have to worry about that stupid concept known as "portion control".

1. Chocolates

Oh yes, a girl's number one break-up buddy (next to champagne - which actually goes amazingly well with it). And did you know that they make chocolates actually filled with booze? Seriously, it's real booze that hasn't even been cooked away. Go ahead, eat the whole box. We still love you.

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