Jalapeño Gefilte Fish at Rustika

In this week's review, I sample the Mexican gefilte fish at Rustika Bakery. Those green peppers strips all over the plate in the photo are actually jalapeños. And I can attest that they are extremely hot. It seems that in Mexico, the Jewish population has come up with a spicy variation on the traditional Passover pike balls.

Rustika Bakery on the Southwest Freeway at Buffalo Speedway is owned by a Jewish family from Mexico City, and they have brought this spicy gefilte fish idea to Houston. They make their own gefilte fish at Rustika. But I had to wonder if you could cheat. Why not doctor up some bottled Manischewitz gefilte fish with a jalapeño sauce like this one at your Passover seder this year? Would that perk up the matzohs, or what?

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