Jason Gould Continues His Food Fixation at Cyclone Anaya's

Cyclone Anaya's has decided to expand to another location, this time in the ever-burgeoning CityCentre on the west side, and threw a party Saturday night to celebrate in advance of the official opening today (Wednesday).

The only people disappointed were those unable to get into the invitation-only event. Margaritas, special cocktails, wine and beer were readily available, the wait staff was in super high gear and the journey into hors d'oeuves land was both satisfying and fulfilling.

Most everyone who came, stayed around for a while and saluted Chef Jason Gould, as he threaded his way through the crowd. Gould continues to have a positive influence at Cyclone Anaya's by expanding its food base into something much more distinctive.


Spicy tomato gazpacho, topped with fresh avocado -- great texture and taste in all that redness.

The mini tamarindo braised beef short rib sliders had a lot of surprise pop to them - thanks to the spicy coleslaw with honey ancho barbecue sauce piled on top.

Comfort food arrived in the form of chicken quesadillas (with sour cream, pico de gallo and sliced jalapenos), and the spinach enchiladas.

The margaritas were suitably tasty. The TKO margarita provided extra zing in miniature form complete with jalapeno and agave nectar in little tiny glasses.

Another favorite was the incredibly refreshing Cobra Twist Cranberry Rita with cranberry and pomegranate juice, which could give you a bad case of the wobbles if you don't figure out there's alcohol in there before you drink a few too many of them.

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