JerryBuilt's Seasonal Specials Boast Bold Flavors and Sensational Textures

Although Tarantino fans will get an extra kick out of JerryBuilt's new "Big Kahuna Burger," all will enjoy this seasonal special for its layers of intense flavors and textural variety.  The savory, rich juices of the beef burger are well complemented by salty crispy bacon strips but lest both in combination become cloying, there's welcome botanical respite from thick slices of teriyaki grilled pineapple, avocado, mayo, and an absolutely terrific crunchy red cabbage slaw.  Then in comes jalapeno for a touch of mouthburn that's moderately tempered by the thin slice of provolone.  This sandwich keeps you on your toes in a good way as well as leaves you guessing at to what each bite will bring next.
Its tropical tastes also leave you longing for Hawaii and prompt you to check airfares to Honolulu on Kayak; their prices promptly make you reconsider.

FYI, The Big Kahuna is also available with a grilled chicken rather than a beef patty; substituting the latter for the former makes for an equally delicious albeit lighter consumption experience. 

Also in season at JerryBuilt is the aromatic and invigorating Summer Berry Salad, a colorful assemblage of spring mix, kale, hulled strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, goat cheese, cucumbers, and candied pecans dressed with a basil berry vinaigrette. What really makes this salad? The contrast between the soft, tangy goat cheese crumbles and the sweet, earthy pecans.  The manner in which they diversity the flavor profile, which otherwise verges on a bit too sweet, will convince you that all fruit should come with a side of nuts and cheese. Or vice versa.

The keyword, of course, with both of these specials is "seasonal", so don't postpone sampling them for too long.
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Joanna O'Leary