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Johnny's Gold Brick Opens Tomorrow

An industry event at Johnny's Gold Brick at 2518 Yale gave us a glimpse into the bar that replaced the Boom Boom Room. It opens to the public on Friday, March 13.

The cream booths, freshly painted chartreuse walls and wood accents strike a careful balance between dive bar and casual hangout. It is by no means fancy, but it's thankfully absent of the neon-lit mustiness that plagues older dives.

Treadsack director Chris Cusack said it was an extremely well-maintained place to begin with. The prior Boom Boom Room owners were fastidious, leaving a good blank slate to build Johnny's Gold Brick upon.

Treadsack's bar director Leslie Ross is overseeing the cocktail program while beverage director and advanced sommelier Travis Hinkle will keep an eye on the wine side.

The day-to-day management though is overseen by Amber White and Jason Moore who drove back to Houston from California to manage the place. Moore was previously a bartender at Down House and general manager at D&T Drive Inn.

"They're absolutely incredible," said Ross. "They didn't even stop to unpack their car. They literally drove here, got out of their car, walked into the building and started working."

Look forward to a bar program that's a combination of a stripped-down, economical, classic cocktail menu and oddball inventions like the Margarita With A Big Red Float. What's a Big Red Float? It's Big Red soda, the bubblegum flavored drink that many of us grew up with but is seldom seen in urban convenience store refrigerator cases these days.

There's a fun boilermaker, too, with a Lone Star and what's essentially a high-octane, condensed Old Fashioned in a shot class. It has Mellow Corn whiskey, maraschino cherry juice, and a thin slice of Angostura-dipped orange.. The rim is edged with a salt-sugar blend and you drink it just as you would a tequila shot: drink the shot, taste the edge, suck the orange.

Johnny's Gold Brick is a good addition to the cluster of businesses that are bringing some liveliness and fun to the outer northwest edge of the 610 loop.

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