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Jungle Café and Patisserie Re-Opens

Jungle Café and Patisserie recently made the move from the 9100 block of Bellaire and is now located in a new strip center just east of Beltway 8 on Bellaire. The new location is primed to set the standard for new cafes entering the Asian market, seizing on a modern and simple build-out -- the elegant marble and soft lighting are inviting and trendy all at the same time. It's a minimalist look that works great with Jungle Café's classic style of pastries.

We picked up an emeraude made from pistachio, almond meal, coconut and milk chocolate. Jungle is known for looking down upon too-sweet desserts, and this cake was in line with the other selections. The only issue we have ever had with Jungle is that its beautiful concoctions can sometimes lack in the flavor department, but these flavors melded nicely together.

Jungle offers special pricing on whole cakes and custom pastries for events and even has its own special packaging for each type of dessert -- well thought-out. We visited Jungle in its previous location and really believe this is a great move for the blossoming patisserie as it moves more into the mainstream.

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