Just-Off-the-Griddle Tortillas at Laredo Taqueria

In this week's Café review, we visit Laredo Taqueria on Cavalcade, where breakfast is a wondrous experience. When you get in line to order your breakfast tacos, you find yourself standing in front of the griddle where the flour tortillas are being prepared.

If you watch carefully, you will see the very tortillas you are about to eat being hand-formed, cooked and passed along to the steam table. The ladies at the griddle turn out a couple of dozen tortillas every few minutes. It's those hot, fluffy, just-off-the-griddle tortillas that make all the tacos here so good.

The original Laredo Taqueria on Washington Avenue is pretty good, but the Cavalcade and Patton locations of Laredo Taqueria, which are a few blocks apart just east of I-45, are a lot more fun. Owner Joe Soto swears the food is the same at all three, but there are definitely some differences. Jay Francis swears that the green salsa at the Cavalcade location is a lot hotter than the salsas at the other two Laredo Taquerias.

For more images see our slideshow.

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