Keep on Truckin': Breakfast Burritos Anonymous

I have a new-found love for breakfast -- in fact, I've discovered that it's truly the most important meal of the day. On a particularly busy morning I found myself in a hurry, with looming deadlines, and in desperate need of caffeine. I of course made my way to Inversion Coffee.

I wasn't planning on eating much more than a banana that morning, but the sight of a food truck in front of the coffee shop struck me like a mirage in the middle of the desert. Sure, I was used to seeing food trucks parked there, Bernie's Burger Bus, H-town Streats, and Oh My Pocket Pies to name a few, but not at seven in the morning.

Still, there it was -- Breakfast Burritos Anonymous, a bright-yellow truck with a happy sun logo and the Houston skyline neatly painted on the side.

Tossing my banana aside, I stepped up to the window excitedly. Since it was my first time, I had to go with the truck's namesake and ordered a burrito under the B.Y.O.BBA menu. For $4.99, you custom-build your own burrito starting with a 10-inch flour or whole wheat wrap, then choose your eggs, breakfast meat, cheese, toppings (one, with additional toppings 25 cents each) and a sauce. Although the words "burrito" and "healthy" rarely go hand in hand, I was able to customize mine to where it was almost guilt-free. My whole wheat, egg white with turkey bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and fire-roasted green chiles burrito was packed full of ingredients. It was a satisfying and complete breakfast.

The best part for me was the fire-roasted green chiles. The slightly smoky and sweet flavor added something unexpected, and even though turkey bacon shouldn't even be called bacon, they somehow made it crunchy and appetizing. The volcano salsa I asked for on the side was just the right amount of heat for me, but be warned, it does have a mean kick for those who are spice-sensitive. Other items on the menu include breakfast tacos, a breakfast melt ($4.99) and something called the Nutty Frenchman ($5.99), a french toast sandwich with bananas, roasted walnuts and Nutella, that I am definitely trying next time.

Service was extremely quick and friendly. I got my burrito in a matter of minutes, and it was even walked inside to me. I discovered from the truck's Facebook page that it was actually their first day up and running and that they would be parked outside of Inversion Mondays - Fridays from 6 to 10 a.m. The only thing that could make Inversion's cortado better is a burrito with it.

Breakfast Burritos Anonymous is looking to start doing late-night hours, so check Facebook for updates and locations here.

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Minh T Truong