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Keep on Truckin': H-Town Streats

Each week I'll be visiting a different food truck and reviewing one of their items. Know of a particular food truck I should move to the top of my list? Let me know in the comments section.

Today we've got H-Town Streats and their pork barbecue quesadilla. It took me a while to decide what item I wanted to order here. The tacos sounded good, the meatloaf slider looked interesting, and the green chili cheese steak certainly whet my appetite. But the pork was calling to me. And since they change their menu so often, who knows when I'd be able to order it again?

This is certainly not the snazziest-looking of the food trucks out there, but it did have a pretty diverse menu, and each plate comes with an H-Town Streats temporary tattoo, which is just plain fun. Plus, the gentleman taking our order was extremely friendly.

The pork itself was very tender, so no complaints there. The quesadilla could have used a little more barbecue sauce and a little less cheese. It was quite tasty, but the cheese somewhat overshadowed the smoky barbecue flavor of the pork.

For $5, you get a pretty decent-size portion. However, you can probably get the same amount (if not more) for less at a variety of Tex-Mex joints in town. The quesadilla was served alongside some green tomato corn relish which I was excited to try. It sounded like a good accompaniment but turned out to be a little bland. I'd have much preferred some good, old-fashioned ranch dressing. Or better yet, a blue cheese dressing.

In all, I thought this dish was good, but not great. Would I seek it out again? Probably not. But if I see H-Town Streats on the street, I'd most likely stop by, as many items on their menu piqued my interest. Have you been to H-Town Streats yet? What are your thoughts? Don't know yet? Find the truck through Facebook or Twitter and give it a try.

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