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Keep on Truckin': Oh My Gogi!

The guys of the Oh My Gogi! truck know exactly what they are doing by parking, on most nights, next to bars until 3 a.m. It's the kind of food you crave at that hour, the kind of food you might have thrown together out of necessity and desperation, using some leftover takeout and extra taco shells from the fridge. But don't get me wrong: They do it so much better. The co-owners of the truck are UT guys, and they know a thing or two about late-night bites.

I found the truck on a Saturday night, in the Rice Village parked on Morningside. Service had just started, but a short line was beginning to form. They have quite a following, as most people were there specifically for the truck, some even taking large orders to go.

Oh My Gogi! keeps the menu short -- tacos with corn tortillas (two for $5 or three for $7), kimchi quesadillas ($5), and their signature OMG! fries ($6), all with your choice of beef, chicken or pork.

It seemed like everyone stepping up to the window was ordering the fries. I was just beginning my night, and the heaping mound of seasoned french fries covered in meat, cheese, spicy sauce, Sriracha, cilantro and onion looked daunting and coma-inducing.

We ordered the beef tacos with Bulgogi and kimchi quesadillas.

The tacos were thin slices of beef marinated in Korean soy, sugar, sesame oil and other spices. They're prepared simply with corn tortillas, lettuce, homemade salsa and a sprinkling of sesame seeds on the beef. The meat was very sweet and a good contrast to the salsa, which had a good heat to it. The sesame seeds added just a slight nutty flavor. It could have used more meat, but you can do that for an additional dollar.

The kimchi quesdillas came with Daeji Bulgogi, pork marinated in much the same way as the beef, but with the addition of Korean chili paste. The quesadilla was filled with a three-cheese combination that included jack cheese and, of course, kimchi. It was covered in a creamy, spicy sauce and the salsa. There was a bit too much cheese, and the cream sauce was a little overwhelming. The pork flavors were lost in all the strong ingredients. Next time I'll order this with the beef, as the sweetness will cut through some of the spiciness, and I'll get a side of kimchi for added crunch and zest.

We contemplated ordering the fries to go but decided against it, since by the time we had finished our food a longer line had formed and everyone was eagerly awaiting their turn to order. A friend attempted to return that evening but gave up when she realized it was going to be a very long wait. I'll hunt this truck down again at the end of long night and I'll definitely order the fries. I vow to try that behemoth.

Find them at a local bar, look for their schedule on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter @OhMyGogi.

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Minh T Truong