Keep on Truckin': Party Fowl

Party Fowl is the new truck in town, debuting just this Tuesday, and the guys behind it are familiar faces in the food truck scene. The guys of The Modular Trailer have rolled out a second venture serving strictly chicken wings, but not just any old chicken wings. In their signature style, the wings are still prepared sous vide before being deep fried to perfection.

A second truck was not something they had planned so soon after The Modular Trailer hit the streets, but an opportunity came their way that they couldn't ignore. The deal was sealed on Sunday, and Party Fowl was already making the rounds by Tuesday -- not without its first day troubles of having to push the truck from one location to the next and enlisting the help of a tow truck. But by Wednesday, Party Fowl was up and running on its own and parked at Grand Prize Bar.

Grand Prize Bar may just be the spot where the chicken wing idea was born. The recent chicken wing throwdown that took place there was a success, although they lost by just a narrow margin. Perhaps it was perhaps a premonition of things to come.

Before service started I was able to chat with Lyle Bento about his chicken and waffle wing, a genius creation of wings battered and covered in dehydrated and crushed waffle with a dash of Louisiana hot sauce and drizzled with maple syrup. He debuted this at the throwdown and then made some tweaks. It even will be available frozen and ready to cook at Revival Market. I was ready to try this bad boy along with other flavors such as the savory, fish-saucy Pok Pok, the Coconut Curry, BBQ and El XX.

The wings are 6 for $6 or 12 for $10, and although I wanted to try more flavors I stuck with the two that were at the showdown, the Pok Pok and the Chicken and Waffle.

The Pok Pok are batterless wings with a good drenching of the sauce, a mixture of fish sauce with sugar and garlic. Lyle advised to squeeze the lime over the wings to give it a good tang. The result was a winning combination of savory, sweet and tartness. It was a good version of the Vietnamese fish sauce wings my mom makes.

The Chicken and Waffle wings were exactly as I hoped, crunchy, not overly sweet, with just a slight kick of peppery hot sauce; best of all, they tasted just like chicken and waffles. My dining companion couldn't stop shaking her head in disbelief at how good they were.

Josh has big plans for Party Fowl -- where The Modular is a restaurant on wheels with accessible gourmet fare, Party Fowl is going to be an outlet for fun and creativity with wings as its canvas. It's going to be a party on wheels.

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