KFC's Go Cups Mean Never Getting Out of Your Car to Eat, Ever Again (Just Watch the Sauce!)

As far as food goes, the new KFC "Go Cups" aren't offering up anything new; the fried chicken, potato wedges and hot wings are all from the regular menu. What's "new" about the Go Cups is the packaging and the price. All five Go Cup options cost less than $3, and they are conveniently packaged for eating on the go. You can choose from Chicken Littles® Original Recipe® Bites, Hot Wings™, Original Recipe® Boneless or Extra Crispy™ Tenders -- and all five come with a side of seasoned potato wedges and are served in a little container designed to fit your car's cup holder.

In order to test just how convenient these little cups are, I ate while driving around Houston. I ordered a Chicken Little (a mini-chicken sandwich on the cutest, tiniest bun you've ever seen) and a Hot Wing Go Cup, and then cranked up the tunes and cruised the streets while enjoying my lunch.

I took corners at a good clip to test the integrity of the cups, and found that they held up fairly well, even though they weren't a perfect fit for the cup holders in my husband's Prius. The Go Cups are constructed with two compartments -- one housing the potatoes, the other the chicken -- so the food stays put well enough, but there is no place to stash your dipping sauce. This means either drizzling the sauce onto the food or balancing the sauce container on top of the food, or some other surface, as you drive. I jammed my Honey Barbecue sauce between some potato wedges and crossed my fingers. There was no spillage, but it's far from an ideal situation -- especially for those with light-colored interior fabric in their cars.

Since we don't eat at KFC very often, I was surprised at how much I liked the seasoned potatoes (and the honey barbecue sauce), but the chicken wings were all breading. Seriously, this poor chicken did not have any meat on its bones. I actually spit out a mouthful of breading, because without chicken the oily taste and texture from the fryer oil was...let's just say unpleasant. The Chicken Little was better -- just a lil' old chicken sandwich with pickles, which was very easy to eat while driving.

Ranging from 420 calories (Original Recipe Bites) to 600 calories (Chicken Little), KFC Go Cups are a lot more like meals than snacks, but the nature of the packaging does enforce (to some degree) a reasonable portion size for the consumer. Combine that with their incredibly reasonable price --$2.50 each, seriously -- and Go Cups are almost an ingenious idea. Just gotta get more meat on those chicken bones, guys.

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