Khun Kay's Mango Curry

My favorite thing to get at Khun Kay Thai Café (1209 Montrose Blvd.) is the seasonal curry. I fell in love with the pumpkin curry from last fall, but am now equally smitten with the summery mango curry. I love tofu, so I always get the mango curry with tofu, 4 star spicy (fiery) with brown rice, but you can pick your own protein and rice hue. The dish comes with a big scoop of rice on a plate and a huge bowl of curry.

You spoon the ample chunks of mango and protein directly onto the rice, ladling the curry sauce atop it. This allows you to control how spicy you want the dish to be (more sauce = more heat). It's also built-in portion control, as the coconut milk-laden sauce hides quite a bit of calories. Though it may sound a bit peculiar adding mango to a curry, the juicy sweetness of the tropical fruit perfectly complements the fiery curry, which is yellow and made with light coconut milk and plenty of heat. I like to do tofu because the pillowy triangles soak up the sauce and mesh well with mango. And the rice chills it all out enough to let me actually finish the dish. This dish is cheap, quick, flavorful and fresh.

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Geri Maria Harris