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Killen's Steakhouse Opening Second Location In Recently Vacated Stella Sola Space in the Heights

Almost as quickly as Bryan Caswell closed Stella Sola's doors, Chef Ronnie Killen is opening them up again as Killen's Steakhouse. Caswell and Killen battled each other as grill masters at the Walmart Choice Steak Challenge a couple weeks ago, with Killen winning the grand prize trip to New York. Moving into Caswell's old space seems like a fair trade.

Killen had been looking for the perfect Houston space in which to expand and Stella Sola fit the bill. The deal was made official today and Killen says he will begin build-out immediately. The new space will allow Killen to have a little bit of the feel of the original location of Killen's Steakhouse coupled with creative, inventive and imaginative dishes.

Killen hopes the Heights space will function as a restaurant in which he can be creative. (As noted in this week's Chef Chat, Killen's current clientele in Pearland doesn't allow for much beyond the normal steakhouse fare.) Since opening six years ago, Killen has made his namesake Pearland steakhouse into a destination restaurant with fully booked reservations each weekend.

Keep checking back as we follow Killen throughout the planned redesign of Stella Sola. And you'll have a front row table opening night.

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