Kimchi Koagie Is a Killer

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In my continuing quest to sample Houston's cheesesteak options, I have been stalking Koagie Hots. Although the truck follows a fairly predictable schedule that regularly includes nearby (for me) Boondocks, finding it when it was open proved difficult in light of this writer's bedtime, which many octogenarians would consider "early."

So, I decided on a whim to hunt down Koagie Hots late during lunch hour at a location that shall go unnamed but involves driving on Westheimer in the Galleria area. According to the website, the truck would be open from 11am-2pm and at 1:45pm I was still crawling inch by inch in horrendous traffic. I called ahead with vague hopes of placing a pick-up order only to learn that the truck had closed at 1pm. Curses! Maybe I misread the website. Nevertheless, in a coup de customer service, employee "Matthew" apologized to me and offered me a free sandwich next time I made it to the truck.

And, I did, eventually.

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Koagie Hots had the foresight to park near Mojeaux's Louisiana Drinkery during the World Cup final guaranteeing them many customers. By the point at which Germany and Argentina went into overtime, they were out of a few items, but not, thank God, the Kimchi Koagie.

Matthew wasn't on duty that day, but his coworker Phillip (such formal names for purveyors of such delightfully sloppy food) had apparently been informed of the promise of a gratis sandwich for my previous trouble.

In a soft white roll base, mixture of shredded highly marbled ribeye steak forms the protein base for the subsequent infusion of lots provolone cheese, grilled onions, mayonnaise, and of course, a generous heap of kimchi sporting ample spice and singing with a glorious fermented twang. This sandwich is one of few I've tried in my life in which I actually increased my rate of consumption as I ate it, so excited was I by the fantastic frenzy of fatty meat, cream, and 너무 맵다 (trans. "spicy") vegetable flavors. As a result, my kimchi koagie was gone very soon, too soon, I think, so next time, I'll try to savor. No, wait, I'll just get two.

Koagie Hots' "naked" Korean cheesesteak (without any "add-ons" such as pickled cabbage, sweet peppers, a fried egg, etc.) is pretty damn stellar That is not to say, that a more dressed version wouldn't be equally delicious in a different way. I'm motivated enough to become a nightowl to find out.

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