Pot Luck

Kitchen with a Revolving Door

Simposio chef Riccardo Palazzo-Giorgio has resigned after three months on the job. Manager Roberto Militello says Simposio will continue with its existing kitchen staff for now and that owner Vasco Luti may look for a new chef after the first of the year. When I reviewed Simposio in January of 2008, Igor Rosi, a young chef from Italy, was running the kitchen.

Igor is the guy who told the waiter to tell me the veal foreshanks he was serving for osso bucco were hind shanks and that the black, slimy lettuce in my salad wasn't old, it just reacted to the balsamic vinegar that way. Igor didn't last long either. It sure makes you miss old Alberto Baffoni. I wonder what happened to him after Bohemia closed.

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Robb Walsh
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