Kolache Crawl: All Hail the King of Kolaches

We begin our Texas kolache tour at Weikels's in LaGrange, home of the best commercial kolaches in Texas. The standard by which I measure sweet kolaches is the poppy seed variety, mainly because I grew up eating poppy seed kolaches in my grandma's Ruthenian kitchen in Pittsburgh.

On a recent drive up Highway 71, I compared the poppy seed kolaches at Weikel's with the ones at Hruska's. The poppy seeds were thinly spread in the enclosed kolaches at Hruska's. It was way too much bread for the little bit of filling. The open-topped kolaches at Weikel's were much more generous with the little black seeds.

But the amount of poppy seed isn't everything. Take the poppy seed kolaches at Olde World Kolaches on Memorial, for instance. They are filled with lots of poppy seed filling, but it's too sweet. I like the kolaches at Czech Stop in West, though I haven't been there in a while. There are some great bakery kolaches too.

Your recommendations are welcome.

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