Pot Luck

Kolache Crawl: Czech-Mex at Prasek's

The moist and spicy chorizo kolache at Prasek's Smokehouse on I-59 in the little town of Hillje south of El Campo is an outstanding example of Czech-Mex cuisine. It's also one of the best breakfast kolaches I've sampled in a long time. I look forward to trying the jalapeño sausage kolache soon. Sadly, the poppy seed kolache, usually my favorite flavor, was dried out.

I loaded up on the red-pepper jerky and the dried sausage sticks at the meat counter. We also sampled a smoked turkey sandwich while we were there. The house-smoked turkey was exceptional, but the sandwich was made on boring white bread, which ruined the whole thing.

Prasek's is an excellent Czech smokehouse and a great stop on the highway, but, with the exception of the kielbasa and sauerkraut sandwich, the prepared foods are pretty boring. The presence of a Czech bakery on the premises makes you wonder why Prasek's makes sandwiches on crappy sandwich bread instead of fresh-baked bread made in its own bakery.

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Robb Walsh
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