Last Chance for Free Wine Tasting Tickets

As promised, we're giving you one more chance to win a pair of tickets to this weekend's highly anticipated Holiday Wine Tasting bash at Sonoma, taking place on December 19 from 6 to 11 p.m. The tickets are a $90 value and include samples of 40 different beers, wines and champagnes, gourmet food to nibble and great live music to enjoy by Sonoma's cozy fireplace.

If you don't win this final pair of tickets, don't fret. It's not too late to buy them online ($45 each, or $80 each for the special VIP cellar tasting tickets) or pick them up at Sonoma.

Like last time, the first person to answer all the questions correctly will be our lucky winner. Answers should be emailed to katharine.shilcutt at houstonpress.com.

  1. According to Robb Walsh, what is the most widely grown wine-producing grape in Sardinia?
  2. Which winery's motto is "Terroir for Texas"?
  3. Which Houston sommelier that was recently interviewed for Eating Our Words has a keen interest in biodynamic wines?
  4. What did we predict would be the two overwhelming wine trends for 2009?
  5. Which Houston chef was a shocking no-show at the 2009 Wine Conference?

Good luck, readers.

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