Last Minute Thanksgiving Shopping

Photos by Robb Walsh

Forgot the whipped cream for the pumpkin pie? You might take the opportunity to check out the latest in grocery stores -- the new mega-HEB at Bunker Hill and I-10. It's only 130,000 square feet -- the humongo-HEB in Pearland is slightly bigger -- but it's still the biggest grocery store I've ever seen. The day I stopped in the place had some amazing specials for the grand opening sale--like lobsters for $8 a pound and leg of lamb for $4 a pound.

At one point I was looking at what I thought was a dessert case thinking about buying a pie for Thanksgiving. The lady who worked there had to explain that the pies and cakes in the case were actually elaborate cheese tortes that people use for appetizers. Boy did I feel like a hick.

As for the actual pies, there was a guy there from Tootie Pie Company in Boerne serving buttermilk pie. The sample he handed me was outrageous. I have heard about Tootie Pies for years and decided to take a frozen one home. I changed my mind when I saw the prices--$30 for a frozen pecan pie?

The mega-HEB had lots of other frozen pies to choose from at all sorts of price points. But the experience convinced me to bake my own damn pies. I still dropped a wad of cash on all the other cool stuff I found. I went in to pick up some milk and came out with $188 worth of groceries. The bargains were so tempting, I couldn't afford not to buy this stuff.

-- Robb Walsh

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.