Late Night Scene: BB's Cajun Café

It's such a victory to walk into a joint -- especially a tiny place like BB's Cajun Café (2710 Montrose Blvd., 713-524-4499) -- and snag the very last table, and a corner one at that. The other tables seat small groups and some couples; a pair of cops chills at the one oversize booth. I'm sure eating at BB's is a great strategy for being ready for any craziness at the Montrose-Westheimer corner, but also, it seems anywhere you see police hanging out, you know the food will be cheap and tasty.

Our food ends up being pretty cheap and different degrees of tasty. The spicy seasoning on the blackened catfish couldn't quite cover up a bland-tasting fish, but the boudin poor boy was inhaled, punctuated only by occasional swigs of water because it was so spicy. Although, is a sauce-free, dry poor boy really a poor boy?

The cheeseburger was not really memorable for either the thin, well-done patty or the Kraft Singles-esque square of cheese, but the thick bun was sweet, like a dinner roll; and when combined with a healthy dose of ketchup, it was good. The fries, which were sliced into tiny slivers, made a nice burger topping.

At some point around 2 a.m., the crowd and vibe changed slightly. The cops headed out and were replaced by a lively sextet of well-dressed twenty-somethings. The background music changed from zydeco sounds to mid-'90s pop, and we noticed the giant neon "Daiquiris 2 Geaux" sign on the wall.

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