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Late Night Scene: Capone's

We decided to check out Capone's Restaurant and Bar (4304 Westheimer) last night. Not only does the place close at 2 a.m., but it's like happy hour all night long. This place really should be called a Capone's Bar and Restaurant. It has what looks like Playboy models working behind the bar making solid cocktails.

If that isn't enough, Capone's also offers wood-fired bar grub. We have always been a fan of real wood-fired ovens -- we'd even go so far as to say that the best way to bake a pizza is to fire it in a wood-burning oven. We had the "Hot New Yorker," a cracker-thin-crust pizza with sausage and pickled jalapeños. We will vouch for this pizza.

We were about to make this our new favorite late-night spot until we noticed, between staring at large, perky fake boobs, that we were in the middle of a sausage fest, and we don't mean the meat on our pizza. If you're a cougar looking for fresh meat, this is the place for you. Especially if you have a new pair of plastic boobs.

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Jason Kerr