Late Night Scene: Guerilla Barfare

We recently took a Les Givral's sandwich to the Kelvin Arms in the Village, where we devoured it with Miller High Life in the vault on a Saturday night. We are going to start a new trend in the bar scene in Houston.

On your way to your favorite watering hole, stop off to get a quick bite and take it to go -- carne asada burritos, pimento cheese sandwiches, or just a big bag of pretzels. All those places that can't even keep a jar of pickled eggs on the bar or a few damn goldfish in a bowl will soon catch on that we are not going to take it anymore.

Steak night only once a week? No problem! We brought our own bacon jalapeño double cheeseburger. We will call it guerilla barfare...If this catches on, nobody will ever have to pull his blogger card ever again.

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