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Late Night Scene: Sinh Sinh

After a long day of hitting bars I was on my way home and decided to stop in Chinatown for a quick bite. I wanted to try something new, and there were several places still open with their large neon signs beckoning to me like I was a lost sailor. I saw Sinh Sinh (9788 Bellaire), which I've wanted to try it for some time now. I sat down by one of the gigantic aquariums that are supposed to be full of live seafood, but for some reason, they were completely empty.

This being my first time here, I told the young, nerdy-looking waiter to bring me something he recommended with a cold beer. He suggested the "black bean seafood platter" and came back with a Tsingtao and a huge bowl of steamed rice. Then, he put a sizzling plate in front of me and poured a huge load of mixed seafood on the hot platter, causing it to steam and pop like fajitas.


It was awesome. I was so drunk and hungry, I pulled out my chopsticks and got after it like a wild animal, shoving food and rice in my mouth faster than I could chew it. The platter included squid, octopus, scallops and shrimp, with little pieces of black beans speckling the mostly white seafood. I took a glance around in between the wads of seafood I was gobbling and noticed I was the only white person in the place on a Thursday night. Good thing I ordered a Chinese Beer.

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Jason Kerr