Late Night Scene: TCBY

Late Night Scene: TCBY

We were riding our bikes home late one tepid Houston spring night when we noticed the neon open sign was still lit up at TCBY on Rice Blvd. in the Village. Realizing we hadn't eaten in like two hours, so we popped in to see what they had, asking the teeny bopper behind the counter if she had any pork-flavored frozen yogurt. Her eyes scanned the glass cases of different yogurt flavors as if there might be something in a bacon or BBQ flavor. We told her we were kidding and ordered a strawberry shortcake swirl with golden vanilla.

We then proceeded to tell the teener to put all the toppings she had on it. Gummi Bears, Butterfinger, chocolate sprinkles, Oreo crumbs...everything except the granola and nuts, because that stuff is good for you. She obeyed our ridiculous commands, even when we asked for extra whipped cream, which fell on the front of our trousers as we walked outside. It was still pretty damn good.

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