Late Night Pie "needed to be gone," according to its owner.
Late Night Pie "needed to be gone," according to its owner.
Photo by Andrew Shrewsbury

Late Nite Pie Owner Also Charged with Arson

The owner of Late Nite Pie, Felicity Burris, has also been charged with arson in the aftermath of a fire that claimed the Midtown pizza joint on February 8. According to our sister blog, Hair Balls, Burris allegedly instructed the manager -- Raymond Pecher -- to burn the restaurant down in the midst of severe financial problems. Pecher has since been charged with 2nd degree arson.

In a rather chilling statement, Pecher indicated that the arson was originally planned for December and that Burris was allegedly desperate for the place to go up in flames.

Said Pecher in court documents: "'About a week prior to the fire Felicity Burris told me that the business needed to be gone soon, and on the morning of the fire, Felicity called me on my cell phone and asked me if it was going to be done today."

Head over to Hair Balls for more on Burris's shady background and a mugshot to match Pecher's.

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