Laugh While You Eat: Comedians on Food

"Eat, drink and be merry" is often a salutation thrown out at weddings, bar mitzvahs and other life-affirming events. They rank among my favorite things to do.

Combining food and comedy is great, but throw in some drinking and you are sure to get some good, deep belly laughs.

Stand-up is one of my favorite things in the world -- and one of the last pure art forms as well. Here are some of my favorite comedians talking about food.

Now would be a good time for that drink.

5. Eddie Murphy

I got some ice cream...I got some ice cream...

This classic bit from Delirious is what it's all about: eating fuckin' ice cream.

It also helps that this is Eddie Murphy at his best -- red jumpsuit, F-word dropping, loud and sidesplittingly hilarious.

4. Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. is fantastic. His show is brilliant, his stand-up is always fresh and he made one of the single greatest films ever, Pootie Tang.

Hearing him riff on eating a Cinnabon at the airport you arrived at is sure to crack you up.

Hopefully, it will also turn you off of ever eating a Cinnabon.

3. Sinbad

Sinbad rules. Some of his old stand-up, while incredibly dated, is still funny just because Sinbad himself is so damn funny.

He's that type of comic who basically just narrates things that we have all seen and observed. He's just way funnier than you are.

This is a great bit on McDonald's, eating and stupid people, all at once.

2. Mitch Hedberg

I was lucky enough to see the late, great Mitch Hedberg before he died. I was only 16, and I managed to sneak into the show with my older brother's ID at the old Laff Stop.

Man, he was funny. I even got to go backstage and meet him. Super nice guy. He wore sunglasses onstage because he had his eyes closed the entire time. Extremely shy.

This is a great compilation of his brand of one-liner brilliance. From homemade Sprite to Club Sandwiches, this is a great example of how great he was.

1. Patton Oswalt

"Just make me a failure pile in a sad bowl."

This bit is one of my all-time favorites. If you've ever looked at a KFC Bowl and thought to yourself, "This is ripe for parody," then you need look no further than Patton Oswalt.

Laugh it up, fuzzball.

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