Leibman's Dainty Reuben

Leibman's on Memorial near Dairy Ashford claims to have the best Reuben in town. According to their menu it's a "Grilled Triple-Decker with Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Swiss, and House Dressing on Rye." At $10 it's not cheap. But there is something wrong with this take on the sandwich, if you ask me. When you order a Reuben in a New York deli, you get an enormous pile of messy sauerkraut on top of a huge portion of corned beef all slathered with Russian dressing. You have to eat it with a knife and fork because it's impossible to pick up. And unless you were smart enough to split the sandwich with somebody, you end having to choose between discarding half the sandwich or carrying the remains around in a doggie bag.

Leibman's Reuben is a dainty affair that the lightest of eaters can finish easily. It's composed of a few folded meat slices and wisps of fermented cabbage carefully composed between toast triangles. The layers are held together with frilly-topped toothpicks. It looks like that darling of the country club set, the club sandwich. This is a Reuben designed by a neatness freak--and where's the fun in that?

Snide comments aside, the sandwich tastes pretty good. Great crunchy pickle too.

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