Let Them Eat...Crumbs?

While picking up a slice of cake at Dessert Gallery Bakery & Café as a new-semester pick-me-up, I noticed a rather unusual discount baked good bin.

For the record, I'm generally a big fan of bakeries and sweet shops selling their day-old wares at reduced prices. This practice often allows me to sample many otherwise expensive gourmet sweets and (I like to think) prevents food from being wasted.

But there was something irksome about Dessert Gallery's advertisement for $1.95 bags of "Crumbs of the Day." For one thing, two dollars is still a good chunk of change for baked goods. Fresh cookies at Whole Foods are $1.99, and mediocre slices of cake at Randall's are $1.50 with your Rewards card.

Most of the bags contained crumbles and chunks of cookies and brownies -- not really a legitimate snack, or God forbid, something you would offer to a friend.

Finally, I find it fairly obnoxious that the Gallery thinks so highly of their desserts that they assume poor and/or cheap people would still find them satisfying served in smithereens. Sort of reminds me of the Seinfeld when Kramer tries to donate hundreds of muffin tops to a local homeless shelter.

I guess I would pay no more than 50 cents for a bag o' cookie crumbs. Would you?

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Joanna O'Leary