Robb at work.
Robb at work.
Erin Zimmer

Let's Raise a Glass to Robb Walsh

Eating...Our Words must sadly announce that our intrepid food writer Robb Walsh is moving to freelance status.

While he'll no longer be a member of our full-time staff, Walsh pledges to complete his list of 100 favorite Houston dishes for us.

And don't be surprised to see the occasional blog post from him either as he tours the state while researching his next (there's always a next) cookbook. He may have some print features in store for us as well.

Walsh came to us as a two-time James Beard Award winner. During his time with us he was a finalist several times for the prestigious honor; in fact, we just received word the other day that he's a finalist again this year.

We'll be looking for a new full-time staff food writer, because Houston, after all, is a city with many restaurants and residents who eat out a lot.

We readily acknowledge there is only one Robb Walsh and we thank him for his years of service.

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